10.19.15 – Big Pine Lakes

Here are some pictures from when I went camping up in Big Pine a couple months back. We stayed at Glacier Lodge and went hiking up to the Big Pine Lakes (First Lake and Second Lake).

The hike to the First Lake was about 4 miles (one way), and took us almost 4 hours because it was all uphill. Definitely one of the hardest hikes I’ve ever done, but you’ll see that the views were worth it.



Glacier Lodge Campsite

Glacier Lodge campsite

Glacier Lodge

Tent details

Big Pine Lakes trail


Trying not to show that I was struggling. At one point, we sat down to take a break and I was so tired that I fell asleep for a good 5 minutes.

hiking view

Big Pine Lakes

First Lake

Second Lake

Second Lake

10.12.15 – TASTE LA

Another late post, but better late than never, right?

Back on Labor Day Weekend, some friends and I had gone to the LA food festival at the Paramount StudiosTaste LA (Sept 4-Sept 6). You had to buy tickets in advance and I believe they were around $100/person for 3 hours of all-you-can-eat and drink.

Before you buy your ticket, you choose which day and time you want to attend, all of which have different themes (which vary by vendors and type of food/drinks served). We chose the Sunday Brunch & BBQ from 11AM-2PM.

It seems a little pricey, but all in all, I’d say that the money was well worth the amount of food and drink consumed (not to mention, that there were quite a few free goodies that we collected throughout the event).

My only advice would be, to not eat as much at the front booths because you’ll be full by the time you reach the booths in the back.

I do realize that I don’t have any pictures of the actual food here. Hah! I guess I was too busy consuming it. I will make a mental note to take more pics next time!

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Paramount Studios


Karen Walker

Don Julio

The first booth we stopped at was Don Julio, so of course we had to take a picture with the truck.

Taste LA drinks

Taste LA friends

Taste LA

Taste LA food


Taste La crowd

Taste LA lounge

Sunday Brunch & BBQ

Taste LA candid

LA Times

Los Angeles Times

Photobooth fun

LA Times lounge

Chillin’ at the LA Times lounge.

Taste LA chalkboard


10.05.15 – SF Trip

Had to take some time off from the blog because things were kind of hectic for a bit, but here’s some pics from my recent trip to SF.

Day 1:

Delta Airlines

Early morning departure from LA.

pre-breakfast walk

Right off the plane and straight to breakfast.

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Mascarpone French Toast

Mascarpone French Toast from Kitchen Story.


How cute is the Airbnb we stayed in? 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with a full kitchen and small dining area. Would definitely stay here again. (Only downside was that it was a little hard to find parking at night).

Airbnb front porch

Entrance to our unit

Airbnb kitchen


Airbnb dining area

Dining area (Philz Coffee not included, unfortunately).

Airbnb porch seating

Front porch

Baker Beach

Had always seen pictures of Baker Beach and was so glad I finally got to go there this time.

wedding rehearsal

Headed to the wedding rehearsal.

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Day 2:


The following day, we started with breakfast at Outerlands. Let me just say, that I will be coming back here the next time I’m in town.


Lands End

Obligatory pic at Lands End Lookout.

Golden Gate Bridge

Lands End view

Wearing: Zara Cardigan | Urban Outfitters Flannel | Foreign Exchange Jeans | Jeffrey Campbell Booties

P.S. I don’t recommend hiking to Lands End Lookout in this attire. If I would have known, I would have worn workout clothes – this would explain all of the weird looks I was getting from the locals.

San Tung wings

The infamous wings from San Tung – we were not disappointed. (P.S. we called the order in and picked them up because we didn’t want to wait).

Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts Theatre

Japanese Tea Garden

Treats at the Japanese Tea Garden.


Day 3:

Mission Beach Cafe

Pre-wedding: breakfast at Mission Beach Cafe. It was a good thing we got there early and were able to get a good spot in line!

makeup touch up

Last minute touch-ups before the wedding.

Wearing: Zara Jacket | Asos Dress | Zara Heels | Rebecca Minkoff Bag

Asos dress

Day 4:

Tartine Bakery & Cafe

On our last day, we got up extra early so that we could make it to Tartine before we headed back to LA. (The night before, BF’s cousin had convinced us that we should go). We were a little iffy on the whole waiting-in-such-a-long-line-before-it-even-opened thing, but so glad we did.

Morning Buns

The famous morning buns did not disappoint.

Croque Monsieur

Neither did the Croque Monsieur (ham).

Bi-Rite Creamery

Lastly, we were able to squeeze in a couple scoops from Bi-Rite Creamery after Tartine. Perfect ending to a great trip.

packing up

Wearing: 4SI3NNA Top | Zara Jeans

All in all, it was a very productive trip. We were able to turn a trip for the wedding into a mini getaway – we were able to try a good number of restaurants and were also able hit a few of the must-see spots in the city.

I must say, I probably gained a couple pounds from this trip, but they were well worth it.