Banzai Bowls

Acai Bowl

Finally got to try Banzai Bowls in Huntington Beach last weekend. SO GOOD.

Baskin Robbins

Pistachio Almond from Baskin Robbins is my absolute fave.

The Hat

Burger from The Hat!


Happen to find this gem while cleaning out my room last week. *NSync > Backstreet Boys

The Pie Hole

Had dinner with the BFF at The Pie Hole in downtown. The pie was good, just a little rich.

Angel City Brewery

Jenga at Angel City Brewery. Such a cool spot to chill and hang out with friends. Will definitely be coming back here.

midnight bowling

Midnight bowling on Friday night.


Ended the night with some In-N-Out, FINALLY. Nothing compares to this.

Target boots

Can you believe these boots are from Target?!

Fringe Leather Jacket

Regret not buying this leather fringe jacket that I saw in Phoenix on our way back home. If only I could afford it…